January 08, 2009

Self-Assessment: What Would You Change?

"In times like these it is good to remember that there have always been times like these."

Paul Harvey

Ok, so under the banner of misery loving company, we're not alone, etc., remembering may make us feel better but is that the only reason for looking back? If we had a time machine there has to be a better way to use it.

Rather than just remember we should learn from what has previously happened; what worked and what didn't.

Suggestion. Take a situation you've lived through in the past; one in which you played a critical role with the outcome being less than you would have liked.

Re-evaluate what you did looking for ways to improve upon things had you acted differently.

You might be amazed at the conclusions you will reach.


  1. As your last post did, this too talks about the need to really think through what we're doing. I'm at the CES as I write this and can clearly see "business as usual" right next to "what the hell are we going to do now?", all mixed in with a few industry types trying to sell the notion that everythign is really OK. It's not and we need to start by recognizing that quickly followed by coming up with what will be our new ways.

  2. Anyone who cannot look back and see a situation they could have handled better, won't be reading this blog.

    And anyone who doesn't is a fool.