March 18, 2009

Attitude: Finding the Silver Lining

"Being pushed to the wall, gives you the momentum you need to get over it."

Written and contributed by Peter de Jager


I can think of times when seemingly insurmountable obstacles turned out to be on pathways to new success. If I had accepted them as insurmountable, they would have been.

As General O.P. Smith said in 1950 at Chosin Reservoir, Korea . . .

"Retreat hell! We're attacking in a different direction!"


  1. Once blocked, rivers find new ways to flow to the sea and so too should business find new ways around their obstacles.

    This relates to the post about getting over/around/through things in your way.

    Identify what it is and deal with it!

  2. Very philosophical but my back IS against the wall and there's not much fight left in me.

  3. Sorry to hear that Anonymous.

    If you think I can help you in some way, please contact me.
    714 726-2901

  4. Thank you and I will be calling.