December 03, 2009

The Truth: Not Exactly

"No legacy is so rich as honesty."

William Shakespeare

If you can't leave anything else behind, at least leave the truth.

But I will admit, that is unfortunately easier to say than do. From little white lies to massive distortions, we all at least occasionally misrepresent; if not purposely than accidentally (I think more often purposely.)

1 to 10 scale with 1 equal to dishonest and 10 equal to honest, how do you rate yourself? (I assume all responses will be anonymous.)


  1. I don't want to rate myself but I will say this. When it comes to dealing with my business peers, I know I am forced to be less honest than I want to be. I have to given their lack of ethics.

  2. The first rating I gave myself was 9 but after thinking about it the rest of the day, I concluded it was likely closer to a 6 when I force myself to count all the small, distortions, truth bending, and omissions of things I just ignore.

  3. I don't mind telling you my rating.


    (Would a small lie about my honesty cause my rating to drop?)