December 11, 2009

The Power of Reinvention

"You'll find boredom when there is the absence of a good idea."

Earl Nightingale

Your customers will be bored, your employees, you; literally everyone in anyway connected with your business.

But this is not limited to your product or service. Good ideas positively affect everything.

In addition to everything else you must do, do you consciously work to create new ideas?


  1. We've tried something interesting with mixed results. About 6 months ago, my boss required everyone on her team to once a month come up with at least one idea to improve our business. We discuss these in our weekly status meetings. There hasn't been a lot of ground breaking suggestions but some of it is pretty good.

  2. Well, by definition, good ideas (as opposed to average or bad ideas) will be few and far between. Are you saying you are not getting enough good ones with that being the case?

    What does your boss think about what gets suggested?

  3. I guess some are good but I thought we would see a lot of great ones. She seems happy with what gets suggested.

  4. Even one good idea is worth the effort.