December 07, 2009

The Power of An Open Mind: Can You See It?

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible."

Jonathan Swift
Early 18th century Irish essayist

I dabble in small, independent investments and as a result, meet a lot of entrepreneurs with new products and ideas. As you would expect, most do not warrant a second look while a very small number do.

Often these are ideas that most people initially reject; however, due to the entrepreneur's ability to see "things invisible", a few succeed.

How about you? Do you look for that which most cannot see?


  1. I would like to, my company doesn't. We're too busy just trying to do what we do.

    I know from my friends, this is true in their companies as well. No concern or thought about tomorrow.

  2. I agree. While we were never that future oriented, we're even less so now after a lot of downsizing.

    I worry that we're not focused on what we need to become. Too much about what we are.

  3. Long ago I learned that the larger the corporate environment, the more stifling the bureaucracy. If you want to be work in an innovative company, find a small one; however, also know that just being small is not enough.

  4. I agree Charlie but wonder if larger companies attract bureaucratic types, or makes people that when they go to work in larger companies?