November 05, 2009

Management Myopia, What To Do

"I have done that", says my memory. "I cannot have done that", says my pride, and remains adamant. At last, memory yields."

Friedrich Nietzsche
19th century German Philosopher

I heard a song this morning with a line about old men playing cards, drinking beer, "lying about their lives."

Old guys sitting around, embellishing past accomplishments is one thing, but in business, being too out of touch with reality can be disastrous.

All the more reason to have objective voices telling us what they think of what we do and say.

Do you? Do you listen to them?


  1. Maybe it's a bell shaped curve of belief about those who advise me. A few I don't trust or listen to, a few I do, with the majority somewhere in the middle.

  2. Why do you have people advising you who you don't trust and won't listen to?

    Just curious.

  3. Being "out of touch" is not confined to "old guys". And now that I think about it, out of touch seems to suggest that at one time, you were in touch. I know a lot of younger workers where that is just not the case.

    By the way, I'm neither an old or young guy.