November 27, 2009

Management: Age Is Only A Number

"Age is no guarantee of maturity."

Lawana Blackwell

Nor of much else including wisdom.

While the odds improve that one will be wiser, more mature as they grow older (because they've had more years to become so), whether or not that will actually happen is another matter.

Do you assume older managers will be better than younger ones, or vice versa, and regardless, why, in what ways?


  1. Which is better depends on how much one has learned regardless of how old they are.

    I know a lot of old managers who don't know half as much as do some half their age. And I know an equally large number of younger ones who think they know twice as much as they really do.

  2. My experience as well Carl which says that foolishness is not age related. There's no fool like an old fool except for young fools.