July 01, 2009

Time: The Clock is Ticking

"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend."

Third Century BC Greek Philosopher

If people were worrying about time 300 plus years before the birth of Christ, you know what they think now. But worrying and taking action are two different things.

And talk about limited resources. 8,760 hours a year, no more nor less, of which conventional wisdom says 2,000 will be devoted to work.

Most of my clients worry quite a bit about conserving and managing cash, human resources, facilities, equipment, etc. but I don't see the same concern expressed about time management.

How about you?


  1. I am one of those who gets more done when I have too little time, and less done when I have more.

    Poor time management.

  2. I do too Carole.

    I wonder what would happen if management simply shortened all due dates 20%?

    Would we get more done with less time?

  3. I consider time my most valuable asset because time=life. How we spend of time determines who we are and what impact we make.

    That's why I became a time coach and speaker--I find nothing sadder than people who are robbed of their brilliance because they're spending their time (life) on things that aren't important to them.