July 30, 2009

I Will Do (ANYTHING?) For You!

"A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large."

Henry Ford

Although put a bit awkwardly, this sentiment reads like an inspirational wall plaque.

Do everything 100% customer centric, no matter the cost, and you will make a lot of money.

If so, why don't more businesses,
including Ford Motor Company, do this?


  1. Because they can't afford to; no company can.

    Concepts like this are not practical in the extreme. They have to be tempered with not only budget reality but with consideration for what people are willing to pay for (in the end the customer pays for everything.)

  2. agreed charles...i think the key phrase in what you said is "...in the extreme." the concept of "the customer is always right" is one of those motherhood things that sound good and is great to motivate your employees toward maximizing customer satisfaction but we all know that the customer is NOT always right.

    the famous story of course is how nordstrom's took back a product that they didn't even carry to satisfy the customer. but i can guarantee that this is not standard operating procedure for them.