April 28, 2009

Brand Management: Going for the Hearts and Minds

"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind."

Walter Landor
Branding Expert

Another word for "brand" is "aura"; that largely intangible but incredibly important element that defines a product.

Think about the auras of Coke, Porsche, NYC, Obama, the Taliban and iPod. All pretty powerful wouldn't you say?

How about your aura and/or that of your product?


  1. I can think of very few examples where companies actually work to evolve their brand "aura" as you call it. There are many who spend a ton but what they say appears much as it always has.

    Of course more of the same could be their strategy but it also could be they don't give change any real thought.

  2. Question. Is brand "aura" as important as it once was or have we moved on to a point where low price is more important?

  3. I think it is more important so
    depending on who your are.

    Looking at consumer electronics you see a trend towards private label in Best Buy, in part because they realize that the well known brands are not so well known any more and because they have difficulty meeting Wal-Mart on price. If you can't meet a competitor's price and the brand you're both selling is not as "pull" as it once was, why bother?

    If you have one of those brands that hasn't been supported much as in the past, it's time to get back to "aura" building.