October 21, 2011

Just A Little More!

"The only failure a man should fear is failing to cleave to the purpose he sees as best."

 George Eliot
19th century British writer

And right behind that would be failing to recognize the need to let go.

But between the two, Mr. Eliot is right; whether it be a professional or personal goal, people give up much to easily.

You want it?  Work for it!


  1. I want to agree with those sitting in the parks complaining about how they've been denied what the so-called 1%'ers have, but I can't.

    While there are crooks and thieves amongst us there are many times more both in sheer numbers and per capita in the 99% group than there are in the Wall Street crowd.

    This post says it correctly; you want it, work for it.

  2. Good point!

    I wonder how many in the parks have had their sleeping bag stolen??

    Did a 1%er do that too?