October 27, 2011

(Even) If It Ain't Broke, Fix It

"Hesitation increases in relation to risk in equal proportion to age."

Ernest Hemingway
20th century American author/adventurer

We all know this is true in our personal lives; the older we get the more risk adverse we become.

But in business as well.

The more successful a company, the longer it has been around, the less likely is management to consider and try new ways.

And in that are the seeds of its downfall.


  1. we have a form of class war between the older employees, many of which just want to finish out their time to retirement without making changes, and us younger people who believe we have to make big changes now. coincidently our ceo is in the middle based on age and on what he wants to do, which for me, is not enough


  2. A rhetorical question, (there's no room to discuss your specific situation in detail here) how flexible is each side in their views and willingness to listen to and compromise with the other side?

    The US Congress seems to be hell-bent on just one thing; not giving in to the other side. It's all about "turf" protection and as a result they accomplish little.

    If that's what's going on between your two groups, you and the company are in big trouble.