September 20, 2010

Working With What You've Got, Not What You Want

"Politicians say more taxes would solve everything.  And the band played on."
"Ball of Confusion"
The Temptations

Whether it be government or business, there comes a point where more money is not the solution.  
Nice to have too much rather than too little but since most of us never do, we have to know how to make the most of what there is.

Do you?


  1. better than the gov does, but don't get me started

  2. I can think of many instances where too much money was the problem. It brings complacency and the belief that you've got more time and money than necessary to do what needs to be done.

  3. at least the song is good.

  4. More than how much money, the focus should be on knowing what you want/need to do along with the cost and time necessary to do it.


  5. Teach it until you learn it, model until it’s instinct.