September 09, 2010

Prepared To "Go The Distance"?

"The end justifies the mean."
Unattributed proverb
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"I did what it took to win" has a "conquer all" quality to it that appeals to many, until, in many cases, you examine what "it" was, concluding you wouldn't have gone that far.  
How (do) you draw the line in terms of what you will and will not do to "win"?
I would particularly like to hear from defense attorneys on this.


  1. Since this is a generic question I have to give a generic answer. I would act ethically. However I know there are times that I compromise what I consider to be my "ethics line."

  2. Good point and as you, I too seem to use different "measuring sticks" when considering what is and isn't ethical.

    And then when you factor in the company's ethics, whatever that means (how can a non being have or not have ethics?), as well as all the individual employees, it gets very complicated very quickly.

    I would like to say "one size fits all" but that just isn't the case.