September 06, 2010

The Lonely Entrepreneurial Road

"Loneliness is not intolerable when enthusiasm for a quest fills the mind."

Percy Fawcett
Early 20th century British explorer

If you're thinking about quitting your job and starting your own company, think about the loneliness of working alone.  You will have to deal with it and not all can.

But if your "quest" is real and you stay focused on your end goal, it is manageable.


  1. I've thought about this and wonder how I would do.

    Doesn't online connectivity help with the being alone thing?

  2. ive found it more a hindrance than a help. too easy to waste time on facebook, twitter, etc.

  3. FB, Twitter, etc. can be a waste of time but so too can face-to-face lunches, meetings, etc., not to mention costly.

    It comes down to self-discipline, doing our best to make sure we 1) know what we need (as opposed to want) to do, 2) when we need to get it done, and 3) making sure we have a plan to make that happen.

    I work alone and find internet connectivity to mostly, only be a door opener. Any project of consequence that I do typically requires real as opposed to virtual contact.

    Roger, no matter how working alone turns out for you personally (many just can't do it), you are right (and rare) to have even considered it before you quit the corporate job. Along with everything else related to starting your own thing, consider this very carefully.