September 24, 2010

Less Is (Often) More

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead."
Mark Twain

Most of us at least occasionally suffer from "too much-itus", including me as my good friend Paula Johnson often tells me. What about you?  Be honest.


  1. You're not the only one of my clients who "talks short" but "writes long." You are the only one I feel comfortable mocking openly, however!

    When I coach people on writing, I always tell them to make the first draft at least 20% shorter without losing any of the meaning. There's usually some crying and screaming, but the edited draft is better.

  2. I have been reading your post regularly. They are highly informative and helpful.

  3. Glad to hear it Nisha and thank you.

    (Must go now, Paula will get mad at me if I say anymore.)