March 14, 2011

Delusional Security

"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."

Edmund Burke
18th century British political writer

What "liberties" do we give up in our business lives, and for what "delusion"?

No matter if we work for someone else or ourselves, we trade absolute freedom, whatever that may be, for the promise of financial security (the money we receive for what we do.)

If Burke agreed with my interpretation he might also point out that it is delusional to believe that you ever have certain financial security, or that it can even be defined.

Will whatever it is today, be so tomorrow?


  1. You make a good point.

    We plan for secure retirements using today's metrics, but when we actually get there with what we thought would be enough money, we find it isn't.

    I've almost made it with about what I thought would be enoungh only to find it won't due to rising health care cost and $4 gas.

    And now our gov says we need more taxes.

  2. What was it The Temptations said politicians say in "Ball of Confusion"?

    "More taxes will solve everything."