August 30, 2012

I Stand Firm, But Then Again . . .

"This lady is not for turning."

Margaret Thatcher
20th century British stateswoman

Do you think that people are more, the same, or less likely to compromise their business ethics than they are their personal ethics?


  1. Well recently I haven't seen a lot of business ethics so I'd say that's the answer.

  2. Not among the Republicans you don't.

  3. youve got to bekidding its the dems you cant trust

  4. Ok, let me step in here.

    These last two posts, which I will let stand as example, is the reason I do not discuss politics or religion in BW.

    While one can make a connection to politics when discussing ethics, we won't here.

    Please stick to the topic or I'll be forced to nuke your post.