May 02, 2012

Too Close To See The Value?

"Distance is a great promoter of admiration!!

Denis Diderot
18th century French philosopher

We do tend to admire those not close enough for us to see their flaws.

But it is your employees, the ones close to you, who will do the bulk of whatever it is you will accomplish.

Replace them if you absolutely cannot value them.

Reward them if you do.


  1. So true. Familiarity breeds contempt, often I think, undeservedly so.

  2. I agree Frank, in business, our personal relations, everything.

    I am a consultant and notice that often I have more attention paid to what I say by those who hire me than they pay to their own employees. Taking nothing away from my ability, many of those not being heard are every bit as good and sometimes better than me. But their management looks right past them to me because I am not there every day.