April 09, 2012

Do I Look Like I Care?

"One must not attempt to justify them, but rather to sense their nature simply and clearly."

Albert Einstein
19th/20th century German/Swiss /US scientist

The second worst mistake a marketer can make is believing they must justify the needs and wants of their customers rather than simply accept them.

The worst mistake?

Not caring.


  1. what marketer would not care about what their customer wants?

  2. Where to begin?

    I've known a number of marketers who said the end consumer is not their concern. They sell to retailers who sell to consumers and it is up to them to worry about their needs. Incredibly short-sighted if you ask me, but that's how they feel.

    And then there are those who say they are concerned but clearly don't act as though they are. And/or those who think they know better than the people who buy their products.

    Anyway you look at it they are not accepting what the customer wants as being important.