November 04, 2010

More Than Honesty, Now What?

"It is wise to disclose what cannot be concealed."

Johann Friedrich Von Schiller
18th century German historian

Ok, I'll accept that but the hard part is knowing what to do and say once some controversial piece of information has been revealed.

There will be consequences to your workforce, competition and/or customers; what will you do about that?

How much of this (determining what to reveal followed by deciding what you will do once you have) do you consider when planning?


  1. Hard but no more so than all the other things that must be considered and planned for.

    No one ever (or should have) said business was easy.

  2. Good reminder Franklin. How others will react to exceptionally bad or good news is just one more thing we know little about, however we have to plan as though we do.

    We can't foresee the future but we can and should create contingency plans.