May 23, 2013

What We Need To Know

"What is the use of growing old? You learn something of men and things but never until too late to use it."

William  H. Seward
US Secretary of State during Abraham Lincoln presidency

Taking this literally would do a disservice to Mr. Seward. 

He made this statement to President Lincoln at a particularly stressful time during the US Civil War.

The real message is, understand there is much to learn about everything, and that there always will be.

The younger you are when you do the better, more effective leader you will likely become.


  1. didnt you once say something about the unfairness of finally being able to afford watches you could not longer read

  2. I did Mike, many times. Specifically, by the time I was doing well enough to be able to afford better watches, my eyesight had deteriorated to the point that I could no longer see the fine detail as much as I'd like. In the grand scheme of problems, not a big deal. but you get the idea.

    Say hello to Carol.