December 08, 2011

There Are Two Ways To Look At It

"My sun sets to rise again."

Robert Browning
19th century British poet

The more common reference to optimism, "my glass is half full."

Why did your sun go down?


  1. I marvel at optimistic people, particularly those who never seem to lose their faith that things will get better. I am not one of them but I do marvel at them.

  2. There are times when being optimistic is easy, other times not so much. I am naturally more inclined to see the upside, even to a fault, but I would prefer that be the case rather than the opposite.

    And (here comes the commercial message) I am that way, in part, because I plan. Even though things might not turn out as I hoped, at least I won't have to acknowledge that they didn't because I didn't do all I could to get a better result.