May 25, 2011

When The Audience Is No Longer There

"Old age is when you know all the answers but no one asks you the questions."

Laurence J. Peters
20th century Canadian born American educator. author of "The Peter Principle"

If you are accustomed to being listened to, that is important to you, and you are near retirement, prepare yourself for what may be the biggest challenge you have ever faced.

Prepare yourself, don't fear it.


  1. i retired 3 threes ago after a long career including the last 7 years as ceo of a fortune 50 company. i thought i was ready for sun, golf, travel, but quickly realized how much i missed the demands i had grown so accustomed to. demands i willingly retired from.

    now, much less golf and travel than i used to do, more boredom. i need something else but don't know what that is.

  2. I've been working on a book regarding "change" and have heard your story from many others.

    All I can tell you here is "motherhood"; things like consider your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, how much you want to work versus play, your need for compensation, etc., as you attempt to find your future.

    That is "motherhood" advice because it is not specific to your situation, but it is critical nonetheless. And feel free to contact me (714 726-2901 if you think I can help in some way. I don't charge for that and will be happy to do what I can.