August 06, 2009

When Enough is Enough

"The search for the perfect venture can turn into procrastination."

Author Unknown

A number of BW's quotes discuss the need to thoughtfully consider what you will do versus the need to act. But this quote may point to the root problem.

Can there ever be a "perfect" venture or decision?

Too little thought leads to rash decisions. Too much, inaction. The trick is to strike the right balance.

How do you do that?


  1. Maybe you never know that you have or haven't got the right balance, until the end. But I would error on the side of more rather than less thought even if it means missed opportunity.

  2. Ahhh, striking the right balance... Some are quite successful in getting it right. Maybe it's a gut decision, maybe emotional, some might attribute it to luck; but, I think it's innate--maybe the way some brains are wired. Some just seem to be able to process all the information/options quickly and then go for it. Isn't this what Malcolm Gladwell was describing in Blink?

  3. When I was younger, I was prone to more rash decision making than is the case today. On balance, more good than bad decisions but some of the bad ones were legendary.

    Today, more than in the past I realize before I act that I need to think things through before making my decision. The result is often a different decision than I would have made had I not considered things further.

    However there still are a few where I just can't resist and as KM said, simply "go for it."

    Which is better? Beats me but just as some are morning versus evening people, right versus left brain people, I am more of a act versus react person and doubt I could change that even if I wanted to.