February 15, 2013

What's On Your Mind?

"A people which is able to say anything is able to do anything."

Napoleon Bonaparte
Late 18th/early 19th century French general

Do we have less, the same, or more freedom to say what we wish in business?

Is our "freedom", whatever that is, the same as an "obligation"?


  1. With no restrictions? This blog is business focused so I assume that's what you're referring to, and if so I can't believe you are advocating unrestricted freedom of speech. You allow that and you have anarchy.

  2. No restrictions leads to extremes in almost anything, this included, and no, I don't advocate that. I didn't think it necessary to say that by free speech I'm not talking about the right to literally say anything one wishes to say. Only asking if we have the same rights, less or more than we have for life in general?

    Since no one has answered, I will.

    Legally we may have always had the same right within work as we do out but not practically speaking and certainly not in the smaller, generally private companies where boss/owners can get away with pretty much whatever they wish. However when those rights are curtailed I think it is the company that loses more than than the individual who can find another job. More freedom of speech=more innovation and creativity. Less=less.