January 11, 2012

Some Help Please!

"Never do that by proxy which you can do yourself."

Italian proverb

I never completely disagree with these quotes and here's the exception that proves the rule.

While there are things we all must do for ourselves, far more gets done through cooperation with others.

How independent are you?


  1. as per my earlier comment (i'm the micro manager), i have to do more than my share or things won't get done.

    this quote is right on in my book.

  2. I didn't respond to your earlier comment but I will to both here.

    Your thinking strikes me as "chicken and the egg." Can you not rely on your employees because they are not reliable, or do they appear not to be reliable because you assume they are not?

    And maybe we could add to that, if they are not reliable, why did you hire and keep them? Obviously there are capable people out there so why not hire them?