February 03, 2010

Management's Outside Help

"Men in the game are blind to what men looking on clearly see."

Chinese Proverb

Quite often, but not always, true.

As a consultant, I know there are many instances where I don't know enough about my client's business to help them, whereas in other situations, I know exactly what they need to do almost the minute I walk through their door.

Forest and trees with the "art" being knowing when which is which.


  1. So you know when you can't help as well as when you can, but do you let your client know? Or do you just take the money and run?

  2. I thought I posted a reply to this but maybe not.

    I can verify that he does tell me when he cannot help, as well when he thinks I shouldn't spend money for some service he provides, because he doesn't believe it will benefit me.

  3. Thank you Carl (and now you've got me wondering how much billing I've lost with you.)